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Mei (Overwatch)

An adorable warrior

As in the game, Mei wears the warm outfit she had in Antarctica. She wears simple blue pants with big furry boots and a fur-lined coat with a frame around her torso. She also wears thick blue gloves and holds her famous weather camera in her right hand. At the level of the head, we find her hair tied in bun at the back of the head with a characteristic fringe. Finally, we recognize his big glasses with black towers.


A heroine in the service of the environment

Mei is one of the playable heroines in Blizzard Studios’ first-person shooter, Overwatch. Mei is a brilliant climatologist who was on a mission to Antarctica to understand the reasons for climate change. But during a storm, the base is partially destroyed and Mei is the only one to survive in a cryogenic hibernation chamber. She is awakened many years later in a world where the climate continues to change dramatically. To fight, Mei can use her device that allows her to control the climate.


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