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Mooncalf (The Crimes Of Grindelwald)

A Funny Mole

For this Walmart store exclusive figure, Funko has depicted this strange little creature. It stands on its four short and wide legs with webbed fingers. Her body is grey and rather compact but her head is quite big with small pink ears and above all very big eyes of a light blue which reflects particularly well the light of the full moon.


A nocturnal creature

The mooncalf is a funny little magical creature that we see for the first time in the movie The Crimes Of Grindelwald. This shy creature, which looks a bit like a mole, only comes out of its burrow on the nights of the full moon. It is rather harmless and spends its nights doing some kind of dances that are part of its mating rituals. These dances form geometric figures in the wheat fields and leave the muggles more than a little confused in the morning. Their droppings are also a particularly effective fertilizer for magical plants.


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