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Morgan (The Walking Dead)

A broken man

As we can see it in the series, Morgan wears a mainly beige outfit with big black protections at the level of hands and legs. At the level of the face, we recognize of course his brown skin and his light goatee. One also finds many marks of age on his forehead and under his eyes and finally his hair is cut very short, almost shaved.


The first friendly face

Morgan is a character from the famous post apocalyptic series The Walking Dead. Morgan meets Rick Grimes, the hero of the series, in the first episode of the series. Indeed, when Rick wakes up from his coma and discovers the effects of the epidemic, he meets Morgan and his son Duane who take him in their house. After Rick left to search for his family, he tries many times to contact Morgan but without success. He meets him again in season 3 but Morgan has become after the death of his son. Finally they become friends again and separate again until they meet again in season 6 where Morgan finally becomes a recurring character.


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