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Mummy Boy (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

A strange face

As his name implies, Mummy Boy is a mummy. His body is completely covered in beige strips except for his one yellow eye, implying that he may be the mummy of a cyclops. He stands with one hand raised cuckoo and part of his bandages sticking out of his arm.

A sad little boy

Mummy Boy is one of the citizens of the town of Halloween in Tim Burton’s famous stop motion animation The Nightmare Before Christmas. It is a town populated by strange fantasy or horror movie characters whose passion is Halloween, which they prepare all year round. Mummy Boy is one of the boys that we see repeatedly with the little corpse boy and the winged demon. If he doesn’t speak at all during the film, he seems to have the function of assistant to the mayor for whom he sounds the alarm when Jack Skellington disappears.


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