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Mysterion (South Park)

The power of Kenny

As in the series, Kenny has a costume that really allows to hide his identity. It consists of a purple suit with an M on the chest and a cape and a turtleneck to match. At the level of the head, a mask covers all the top of his face and a purple hood covers his hair. Finally on the top of his head, he wears an acronym in the shape of a question mark which is not without reminding the famous riddler” of the DC Comics universe.


Kenny’s secret identity

Mysterion is Kenny’s secret identity in the famous cartoon South Park. This adult cartoon focuses on the lives of four ten-year-olds in the small American town of South Park. Among them are Kyle and Stan, but also Cartman, a fat, racist and misogynistic little boy who probably has the worst lines in the series. But there is also Kenny whose voice is always inaudible because of his anorak and who dies at the end of each episode to come back at the beginning of the following one without explanation. In some episodes, he turns into a masked superhero named Mysterion who fights the Coon” a super villain played by Cartman.


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