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Nakia (Black Panther)

A personal style

Like all the characters in the film, Nakia has a style inspired by different African cultures but also a main color that is assigned to her. In her case, it is the green that we find in dark version on her dress. This one is open on the sides of the torso and it is decorated with golden tribal patterns on the front. She also wears flat grey boots, simple and practical as well as a unique silver bracelet on the left arm. At the head level, her face is simple and of course she has short curly black hair.


A committed character

Nakia is an important character of the movie Black Panther from Marvel Studios telling the origin story of the famous character. Nakia is, like T’Challa, from the imaginary country of Wakanda. This African country that the rest of the world thinks is very modest and mostly populated by shepherds is in fact very technologically advanced thanks to the vibranium mines in its soil. They hide this technological advancement in a large city sheltered from the world by a shield that makes it invisible. Nakia is a warrior but above all an activist very involved in the protection of the poorer peoples of the neighboring countries, in particular women. She is also the former girlfriend of T’Challa, the new king of Wakanda (and the superhero Black Panther) for whom she keeps a great friendship and love feelings always present. She will participate in pushing him to reveal Wakanda to the general public.


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