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Ned Stark on Iron Throne (Game Of Thrones)

Ned on the throne

Ned Stark is here represented on the famous iron throne of King’s Landing, the capital. Although he didn’t have the time to be in power for very long, he was regent for a while when the king was wounded by a boar and gave him all the powers before he died. Funko has therefore represented him sitting on the throne standing on his sword planted in the ground. We find the throne composed of hundreds of swords melted behind him and he wears his dark blue and brown outfit as well as the insignia of the king’s hand on his tunic.


The Lord of the North

Ned Stark is one of the important characters of the Game Of Thrones series inspired by George Martin’s novels. Ned Stark is the lord of Winterfell and the northern kingdom of Westeros. At the beginning of the series, the hand of the king”, a kind of adviser or prime minister, dies and the king asks Ned Stark to take his place, which forces him to leave to live at the court much further south. He leaves with his two daughters Arya and Sansa. But very quickly, Ned begins to realize that the death of the previous “hand of the king” may not be accidental. He also discovers a heavy secret about the queen. Her children are not from her husband but from her brother. The queen has him arrested for treason and he is executed at the end of season one. His son Robb will then declare war and trigger important events for the rest of the series.


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