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Nerd Deadpool (Deadpool)

A nerd version

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented Deadpool here as a clich? version of an American TV show nerd. Although Deadpool often calls people nerd” he sometimes has the same characteristics. Here, he is represented with his disguise over his black and red Deadpool costume. He is wearing a white shirt with pens in the pocket and brown pants that are too high above the waist. He is also wearing small black shoes with white socks. He is holding a red backpack with a badge that says “I love Math” and is wearing large black-framed glasses that have been re-scotched.


Atypical personality

Deadpool is the superhero name of Wade Wilson, a popular character from Marvel publishing. He is a former CIA killer who became a mercenary and then a superhero more or less against his will. Indeed, he found himself with a mutation allowing him to regenerate almost infinitely after scientific experiments aimed at curing his terminal cancer. But these experiments also left him disfigured and for this reason, he never leaves his costume covering him from head to toe. The X-Men have tried to recruit him several times and he will end up working with some of them in some comics but he finds them generally too nice” and boring. Deadpool is a very offbeat character who shows both sociopathic personality traits but also has a wacky sense of humor that readers really enjoy. For example, he has a passion for unicorns, loves to dress up and regularly breaks the 4th wall in his comics.


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