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Nick Fury (Captain Marvel)

Nick Fury rejuvenated

As in the movie, it’s a younger Nick Fury of about twenty years that Funko has represented here. Still being only a simple agent, Nick wears the traditional black suit of the SHIELD. He wears black pants and matching shoes. He also wears a white shirt and a black tie as well as the harness around his shoulders allowing him to carry his weapon. On the head, Nick Fury has short hair and a clean-shaven face. He stands with his arms crossed in a rather stern expression.


A promising young agent

Nick Fury is one of the main characters of the movie Captain Marvel from Marvel Studios, inspired by the famous comic book of the same name. In this movie, we discover the origin story of Carol Denvers, aka Captain Marvel. At the beginning of the film, Vers lives on Hala, a Kree planet and has no memories dating back more than six years. With the help of her mentor, Yon-Rogg, she tries to control her powers while trying to figure out why the planet’s artificial intelligence is trying to show her images of them on Earth that she has no memory of. While on a mission to Earth in pursuit of Skrulls, Carol crosses paths with Nick Fury and Phil Coulson, agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. who are also investigating the possible presence of Skrulls on the planet. Carol will then join forces with Nick Fury, who is still only a simple agent since the movie takes place in the 90’s, to try to discover the reason for the presence of the Skrulls as well as to try to retrace Carol’s past on Earth.


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