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Nick Fury (Marvel’s The Avengers)

The Man in Black

This is his appearance in the Avengers movie that the figure is inspired by. His face is of course easily recognizable and very accurate. We find his shaved head, the characteristic shape of his goatee and of course the eye patch. The creators of the figurine did not forget the detail of the three scars at the top and bottom of his headband reminding the accident that made him lose his eye. From a clothing point of view it is very difficult to find any difference between the different films. The long black leather coat is of course present as well as the rest of the outfit, which is completely black: pants, sweater and belt. The only element that would perhaps mark the difference is his shoes which, as in the Avengers movie, seem to be some kind of rangers. Unlike Captain America TWS where he wears city shoes, this time he is closer to the action.


Nick Fury, director of SHIELD

Nick Fury is one of the main characters of the Marvel Avengers saga. Played in the movies by Samuel L. Jackson, he appears for the first time in the movie Iron Man 2. As the director of SHIELD, he tries to recruit Iron Man / Tony Stark. S.H.I.E.L.D. is an agency that deals with alien threats and serves as a relay” between superheroes and the government. He is also the one who will welcome Captain America when he wakes up in our time. Nick Fury takes on a much larger role in The Avengers when he reunites the superheroes to fight the threat of the Chitauri army led by Loki. In Captain America TWS as well as in the series “Agents Of SHIELD”, he will have to lead a fight against the infiltration of Hydra within SHIELD with Captain America, Natasha Romanoff and Agent Coulson. This will lead to big changes in the organization. Nick Fury is a mysterious character who keeps a lot of secrets and trusts very few people in order to always be in control.


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