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Night King chrome (Game Of Thrones)

Chrome villain

Funko has portrayed him with a shiny chrome” paint job for this exclusive version of the character that doesn’t make him any less terrifying. The long, short-sleeved tunic is slightly bluish with accompanying wrist guards. His boots are a little darker blue and his skin is completely silver. On the head, we find his famous bright blue eyes and his gaunt mouth open on yellow teeth. On his head, we can see many excrescences as well as his skeleton quite visible directly under his skin.


A terrifying enemy

The Night King is the ultimate enemy in the fantasy books and TV series Game Of Thrones. He appears quite rarely in the first seasons and his origin remains mysterious. He is a mythical creature living on the other side of the wall protecting Westeros and all we know is that he has the power to raise the dead to become soldiers under his command. Jon Snow fights his army in season two and three and finally meets him face to face in the famous episode Hardhome in season five. But he already knows for a long time that the Night King is their worst enemy and that he is the real danger that threatens them all. But it is only when Bran finally reaches the cave of the three eyed raven who can see into the past, present and future that we learn how the white walkers were born. They were originally simple men that the children of the forest, the first inhabitants of Westeros whose lands were being invaded, captured and transformed to fight their own. But they lost control and the white walkers became very powerful and now have their own plans for world domination.


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