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Night King Crystal (Game Of Thrones)

A dramatic ending

The Night King is thus represented here changed into ice and on the point of collapsing when Arya Stark has just stabbed him. His body is entirely made of a transparent blue plastic with a cracked aspect but we can still guess his tunic, his boots and his armor as well as the skeletal aspect of his face with its strange peaks on top. Finally, we find of course the dagger stabbed in his heart by Arya Stark when the fight seemed to be about to be lost.


An unexpected end

The Night King is one of the great ultimate enemies in the famous fantasy series Game Of Thrones. In this medieval fantasy world, several great families fight for power and the chance to finally sit on the famous Iron Throne, some with better intentions than others. But as winter approaches, a far more terrifying threat looms north of the wall that is supposed to protect them. The Night King, leader of the white walkers, is determined to get over the wall. These creatures, created by the Children of the Forest, the first inhabitants of Westeros to protect themselves from invaders, have turned against their creatures and are determined to subdue the entire human race. Indeed, they have the power to raise the dead who then take orders from them. In the third episode of the eighth and final season, the Night King and his army attack Winterfell, the first great stronghold south of the Wall. The combined armies of the Starks and Daenerys Targaryen have difficulty containing the army of the dead and it is finally Arya Stark, using the techniques of the silent assassins who have trained her for many years, who manages to kill the Night King with a single blow of the Valyrian steel dagger.


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