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Okoye (Black Panther)

Interchangeable look

For this NYCC 2018 exclusive figure, Funko represented Okoye when she and T’Challa infiltrate a party and must go unnoticed. So Okoye is wearing a lovely long red party dress with embroidery at the bust. At the wrists, she wears large golden bracelets matching her shoes. Finally, she is in a dynamic posture, her dress flying slightly while her feet move. And she holds her spear in her right hand. Finally, what makes her so original is the wig she wears in the movie and which is removable on this figure, revealing her warrior tattoo on the top of her head.


The leader of the royal guard

Okoye is an important character of the movie Black Panthers from Marvel studios. She is the head of the royal guard of the king of Wakanda and therefore now of T’Challa who will succeed his father after his death. Wakanda is at first sight a modest country in Central Africa, but after a meteorite fell several thousand years ago, its inhabitants started to use the extraordinary metal contained in it and developed a technology far ahead of the others. The king lives in an ultra-modern city with advanced technology, but it is hidden from the world by a shield to protect the peace of Wakanda. This makes it a country that continues to respect its ancestral traditions and blends them perfectly with a very advanced society and technology.


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