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Oryx (Destiny)

A demonic enemy

Although clearly a member of an alien race, Oryx has a bit of a demon-like appearance. As in the game, she wears massive armor and carries a curved sword. Although vaguely humanoid, her armor and the shape of her feet and hands are also reminiscent of an insect. His head is an oversized one with a green third eye on his forehead and oddly textured purple growths that stretch down the sides of his face. On his back, he has two large red wings like a bat that further emphasize the demon side of the character.


A Hive Queen

Oryx is the main antagonist of the second expansion of the futuristic, post-apocalyptic video game Destiny and is a member of the very ancient Hive race. Long ago, humans discovered a strange artifact on Mars that shared its knowledge with them, allowing them to terraform and colonize Earth’s neighboring planets and even other solar systems. But this artifact had an enemy that triggered the decline of humanity by sending waves of attacks from belligerent alien races until humanity found itself living in only one last city on Earth. Oryx was a queen of the Hive race who vowed to destroy humanity after a city guard killed her son.


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