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Overhaul (My Hero Academia)

A disturbing look

Funko has represented Overhaul here with his usual black pants, his green jacket and his white sneakers matching his gloves. On the head, we find his short brown hair and, above all, this kind of mask he wears permanently, attached by leather straps to his face and with yellow and red colors.


A descent into evil

From his real name Kai Chisaki, Overhaul is a villain from the anime and manga My Hero Academia. Found by the leader of the Eight Precepts mafia when he was a child, he considers the latter as his father and will always defend their honor. All his life, he wanted to make the mafia important again by experimenting on the alters, which could not use his own, but his father always prevented him from doing so, questioning the morality of his actions. But when his father fell into a coma and Kai took over, he had the freedom to do whatever he wanted. He used the blood of Eri, a little girl in his care, whose blood can cancel an alter. He made bullets out of it and started to sell them to all the villains in order to attack the professional heroes.


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