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Patronus Hermione Granger (Harry Potter)

An adorable shield

The patronus being a shield of light, Funko represented it in a slightly transparent blue plastic. We find the elongated body of the otter with its long tail and its small front legs. In order to show the light and always moving side of the patronus as we see them in the movie, the otter is raised and maintained by some kind of blue light filaments. At the head level, we find his big snout, his little ears and the fur on his face.


A protective animal

Patronus is a spell that can be cast by wizards in the Harry Potter saga. Remus Lupin teaches it to Harry during his third year, much earlier than he should, because the henchmen present at the school seem to want to attack him particularly. Indeed, the patronus is a spell produced with the formula Expecto Patronum”, the wizard having to use a happy memory to create a shield of light to repel these evil creatures who are usually the guardians of Azkaban, the wizard’s prison. Hermione and many other students learn this spell when Harry is in fifth year. When the Ministry refuses to announce Voldemort’s return and sends a Defense Against Evil teacher who refuses to teach them useful spells, Harry and his friends form Dumbledore’s army. Together, they work and practice spells that will allow them to defend themselves against attacks by Death Eaters, including the patronus. When properly mastered, this shield can take the form of an animal that is different for each wizard. In Hermione’s case, it is an otter.


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