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Pete (Kingdom Hearts)

A funny cat

For this big cat, we find his bandit outfit that he often wears in Mickey’s cartoons, but with the Kingdom Hearts touch and his magical world. He wears armor on his shoulders and his costume is in a harmony of reds and blues like most Disney characters in the game. At the head level, we recognize the bottom of his imposing face and his black mask of thief.


The villain of Mickey’s world

Pete (Pat Hibulaire in French) is the greatest enemy of Mickey and his friends and the oldest since he was even born before the famous mouse, in 1925. Contrary to what his appearance suggests, Pete is an anthropomorphic cat. He is always the villain, but his role often changes, going from a simple authoritarian father to a real criminal. In the 2000s, he made an appearance in the Kingdom Hearts series. These video games from Square Enix studios tell the story of Sora who, being in search of his friends, will have to call upon some of the Disney characters but also others from the Square Enix universe like those of Final Fantasy.


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