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Peter Parker (Into The Spiderverse)

Spiderman in action

Like the other versions of Spiderman of this series, Peter Parker is represented on his transparent base, in full jump. We find of course his usual red and blue suit with boots, gloves and a mask hiding all his face. The red parts are textured like a spider web and we can see his emblem on the chest.


The original Spiderman

Peter Parker is one of the many versions of Spiderman in the animated film Into The Spiderverse. Indeed, in the world of this cartoon, there is not only one Spiderman but many. There are all the different versions of Spiderman created in various generations of comics or coming from parallel universes like SpiderGwen or Miles Morales. Peter Parker is the original Spiderman and he is actually going to be delighted to be able to share his heavy load with new generations, thus playing as much his role of mentor as superhero in this movie.


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