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Pharah avec r?acteurs (Overwatch)

Pharah Flies

Pharah is shown here wearing her basic skin, a metallic blue armor with gold and silver accents, and using her thrusters to make impressive leaps during battle. The fumes from his thruster are represented in blue and transparent plastic to give the sensation that the character is levitating. On his back, we can see the wings of his armor and, attached to his arms, we find his main weapons. Finally, at the level of his head, his face is largely covered by his golden helmet, the shape of which reminds us a little of an eagle.


An exemplary soldier

Pharah is one of the playable heroines of the online video game Overwatch. Originally from Egypt, Pharah spent her entire childhood dreaming of joining the Overwatch league. But the league was disbanded before she could join, and Pharah turned to the military. Her courage and skills brought her to the attention of her superiors and she quickly rose through the ranks. But when the fragile peace of the world begins to be challenged and there is talk of recreating Overwatch, Pharah may see this as her opportunity to fulfill her dream while trying to save the world.


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