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Ravonna Renslayer et Miss Minutes (Loki)

A dangerous duo

Ravonna Renslayer is thus represented here with the serious but slightly offbeat look she wears during the whole first season of the series. She is wearing black cropped pants with a black jacket fitted at the waist and longer on one side. She also wears a green shirt and a tie in the colors of the TVA. Her black hair is pulled back in a bun. Miss Minutes is a little yellow humanized clock with arms and legs and sporting, as always, a big smile.


The judge and her assistant

Ravonna Renslayer is an important character in the Loki series. She is one of the judges of the TVA Time Variance Authority”, an agency that regulates time and makes sure that there is only one “sacred” time line. They arrest anyone who deviates from the timeline, the “variants” who risk creating a parallel timeline. At the beginning of the series, she had Loki arrested for creating a timeline after getting the Tesseract when the Avengers went back in time. We think she knows something we don’t about the famous “Times Keepers” who decide the Timeline, but when they turn out to be just androids, she’s as surprised as everyone else. Yet she is willing to do anything to protect the TVA, convinced that they are doing something really important. Miss Minutes is a kind of artificial intelligence, assisting the TVA agents but she knows more than we think.


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