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Reaper (Overwatch)

The Reaper

As his name suggests, Reaper is a character with the look of a reaper with a skull mask. On the body, we find his black outfit with silver boots and a long black hooded coat. The details of the different elements of his costume are very finely represented, which makes it a very successful figure. As in the game, he holds in each hand an impressive futuristic double-barreled gun. Finally, at the head level, we find of course this futuristic skull mask, once again nicely detailed.


The teleporting hero

Reaper is one of the playable characters in the latest game from Blizzard Studios: Overwatch. It’s a first-person shooter in which two teams of six players compete on a battlefield to win the game. The game takes place in a futuristic world. Ten years after ending a war involving robots and humans, the elite Overwatch troop no longer exists. But new conflicts are surfacing and the team will have to reform. Each character has a specific role in the game. Reaper is an attack character who has the ability to teleport and become invincible for a few seconds.


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