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Reaper Hellfire (Overwatch)

From Hell

For this exclusive figure, Funko chose to represent Reaper with his spectacular Hellfire skin. Indeed, instead of his discreet black outfit and his white skull mask, he wears here an outfit with the colors of fire: red and yellow with a cape longer than normal whose movement is very nicely represented here. His helmet is silver and looks more like a demon’s head with its horns, its sharp fangs and the yellow light that seems to come out of its eyes. Finally, he is represented in a very dynamic posture pointing his two pistols to the side.


A mysterious hero

Reaper is one of the popular playable characters in the online video game Overwatch. His real face is unknown and his origin is very mysterious. He is a ruthless mercenary who doesn’t seem to be attached to any particular cause and has been seen on many, many battlefields. Some who follow his appearances more closely believe that he seems to be stalking former Overwatch agents to kill them. His victims seem to have been completely drained of their substance and it is said that Reaper is in a state of perpetual deterioration and regeneration which gives him his mysterious powers.


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