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Rick (Rick and Morty)

A funny old man

Like most cartoon characters, Rick wears the same outfit all the time: brown pants, black shoes, a blue sweater and a white scientist’s coat. On the head, we find this face with its specific drawing, its unibrow as well as its hair in spikes so characteristic. Finally, he holds his flask of alcohol in his hand and a little liquid seems to have flowed from his mouth.


A much less family-friendly version of Doc

Rick is one of the two main characters in the adult animated series Rick and Morty. Based on a short film parodying Back to the Future, the series follows the space and dimensional adventures of Rick, a disillusioned, alcoholic scientist, and his grandson Morty, a naive but pure-hearted teenager who contrasts with his grandfather’s outsized ego and evil spirit. Rick is Morty’s maternal grandfather and lives with his parents despite the fact that he disapproves of the very idea of love, marriage and family.


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