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Roadhog et Junkrat (Overwatch)

The Australian Duo

Funko has brought these two characters from the same part of the world together for this Blizzard exclusive pack. Junkrat is on his plastic stand standing on his artificial leg and we can see his black face as if half burned and his blond hair in spikes on his partially burned head. As for Roadhog, he is of course represented with his terrifying gas mask and his famous pig tattoo on his big belly.


A crazy duo

Roadhog and Junkrat are two playable characters from the video game Overwatch from Blizzard Studios. Both native of the Australian Outback, these two characters have seen their lives change radically following the omnic wars. Indeed, after the explosion of a generator, life has become almost impossible in these lands. Junkrat has gone mad and lives by collecting parts from carcasses in the irradiated areas. RoadHog joined a group that was protesting the donation of their land to the Omni Nation, but the radiation made him crazy too, and he now travels the roads looking for reasons to indulge his thirst for violence.


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