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Roadhog (Overwatch)

A character straight out of Mad Max

Due to his imposing and impressive physique, Funko decided to represent Roadhog in a super-sized figure of 15 cm. We can see his bare chest and his big Wild Hog Power tattoo. He wears blue pants with skulls on the belt and big boots reinforced with metal frames. In his right hand, he holds a kind of grenade and in the other a kind of axe. On his head, he wears a gas mask covering his entire face, shaped like a pig’s snout, and his hair, which has turned completely white, is tied in a ponytail on top of his head.


A simple man turned into a monster

From his real name Mako, Roadhog was a rather quiet inhabitant of the Australian outback until the government decided to give the region where he lived to the omni robots in the hope of restoring a semblance of peace. Outraged by this decision, he joined a group of rebels determined to take back their land and it culminated in them blowing up an omni generator. The radiation turned the area into an unlivable desert and the only survivors, like Roadhog, became more and more insane. Today he is a criminal thirsty for violence who travels the roads on his motorcycle, wearing his gas mask at all times and calling himself Roadhog.


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