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Robb Stark with sword (Game Of Thrones)

A brave warrior

Robb Stark is shown here in his typical northern dress. He wears brown pants and boots and a leather tunic that serves as armor and is fastened with a wide leather belt. With this, he wears a black cloak with fur on the shoulders, typical of the northern men. He wears black gloves and holds his sword in his right hand. On his face, we find his light beard and his brown hair slightly curled.


The weight of a whole family

Robb Stark is an important character of the Game Of Thrones series adapted from the novels A Song Of Ice And Fire. He is the eldest son of House Stark, and therefore the future lord of Winterfell and the North. When Ned Stark is called to court by the king, he leaves with his daughters but Robb decides to stay with his mother and younger brothers, especially for Bran who fell from a window and is in a coma. When the king dies and the queen becomes regent, it turns out badly for Ned Stark who discovered his secret. He is put to death for treason and Robb, with the help of his mother, has no choice but to declare war and declare himself King in the North.


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