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Rocket Raccoon et Potted Groot (Les Gardiens De La Galaxie)

Groot Starts Over

This figure is an exclusive for SDCC 2015 and features Rocket with Groot in a new version. So we find Rocket with his brown fur and the typical patterns found on all raccoons. He stands on his powerful back legs and wears a blue suit whose details are quite finely represented. On the head, we can see his big black eyes as well as his big black muzzle and his big ears. Finally, he holds in his right hand a small white pot filled with soil and in which he has replanted Groot. Groot has already started to take shape and we can even see him smile.


Rocket brings Groot back to life

Rocket Raccoon is one of the main characters of the Marvel Studios films Guardians Of The Galaxy. At the beginning of the movie, Star Lord, a member of a group of pests, stops on a planet to retrieve a rare object, and runs away with the intention of selling it for a very good price. But then he finds himself with a price on his head from several people looking for him, either for the item or the bounty promised in exchange for his capture. Rocket Raccoon is one of those people. He is a genetically modified raccoon, who has become more intelligent and capable of speech. With his partner Groot, a kind of humanoid tree, they try to capture Star Lord but when Gamorra is added to the battle, they all end up in prison together. Against all odds, they finally team up to save the world when the precious object they all coveted ends up in the hands of a dangerous Kree extremist. But in the battle Groot will sacrifice himself to save the others. Fortunately, Rocket manages to converse a few branches of him and replants him in hopes of resurrecting a new Groot.


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