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Rocket Raccoon (Les Gardiens De La Galaxie)

An angry raccoon

Raccoon Rocket is a raccoon with human intelligence, so he stands most of the time on his hind legs like a man and that’s how he has been represented on the figure. In terms of clothing, Funko chose the orange outfit he wears at the beginning of the movie when he tries to capture Peter Quill and is arrested. This is also of course the way he is depicted on the posters. It is an orange suit that seems to act as an armor. We can see the different black details on the knees, on the torso and on the shoulders. The fur on his body has been nicely reproduced as well as the different patterns and colors of his coat. Rocket is particularly fond of weapons, so he was represented with a slightly smaller version of the machine gun he holds on the movie poster. Finally his head is particularly successful. We find his ears and his muzzle which make him particularly cute and at the same time the patterns of his face manage to give him this angry expression that he often wears during the movie.


A smart raccoon

Rocket Raccoon is one of the main characters of the movie Guardians Of The Galaxy” adapted from the Marvel comics of the same name. Rocket is an extraterrestrial raccoon identical to an Earth raccoon, except that he has human intelligence and can speak. In the movie, we just learn that he was the subject of many genetic experiments that gave him his abilities. At the beginning of the movie, Peter Quill “Star Lord” steals a mysterious orb for his boss but finally decides to find a more generous buyer. His boss puts a bounty on his head and that’s when he meets Rocket and his sidekick Groot, a humanoid tree with a very limited vocabulary. Rocket is a bounty hunter, but he’s not the only one after Star Lord. Gamora is after the orb she thinks she can sell to escape the clutches of her “adoptive father” who plans to use it to destroy an entire planet. They all end up in prison and will have to team up together to escape and save the galaxy (no less!). Beyond having human intelligence, Rocket is an excellent pilot and shooter, and his intelligence is above average. He has a peculiar sense of humor and a sometimes questionable moral sense!


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