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Samurai Deadpool (Deadpool)

No respect for traditions

Deadpool rarely behaves in a very orthodox way, this pop figure represents well this aspect of the character. He wears his Samurai outfit over his usual red and black costume. We find this black plate tunic, the arm and leg protections and especially this impressive helmet. This one mixes the colors of the character, his logo and these kind of traditional metal horns. Finally, he holds a sword with both hands, and on this one, some kind of small doughnuts are pricked from which a leaf of salad is sticking out.


A non-traditional samurai

Deadpool is one of the craziest Marvel superheroes with his offbeat humor and habit of breaking the fourth wall. A former mercenary, he is also a superhero with a morality that is often more than questionable. We know that Deadpool loves to dress up in every possible way and that’s why the Japanese action figure line Tamashii Nations decided to represent him and several Marvel superheroes like Spider Man and Captain America in Samurai version. From these figures were born some comics telling the story of the Samurai versions of these famous superheroes.


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