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Samwell Tarly (Game Of Thrones)

Sam in an outfit that doesn’t really suit him

Funko chose to represent Sam with the combat training outfit that he wears at the beginning of the series when he is still a young recruit. We can imagine that it was to match the new Jon Snow figure, released at the same time and also in training gear. Sam being from the upper middle class, he wears under his metal training armor, a rich velvet quilted tunic. Funko also did not forget the details of his shirt that protrudes under the tunic and his black boots. The creators of the figurine also respected Sam’s strong build by making the figurine significantly wider than the others. As for the face, they have reproduced his short brown hair and his bangs, as well as his thin moustache and his slight goatee. Finally, Sam is holding a simple training sword in his hand. This figure, like the others of this series, is particularly successful and will be matched with the figures of Jon Snow and his wolf Ghost.


Samwise Gamgee from Game Of Thrones

Samwell Tarly is a character from the novels A Song Of Ice And Fire” and the TV series “Game Of Thrones”. If he is at the beginning a secondary character, he will take as the books go along, more and more importance to the point to have chapters narrated from his point of view in the last books. Samwell is the eldest son of Lord Tarly and is therefore logically his heir. But as he grows up, Sam is more interested in books than swords. His father doesn’t see him as a worthy heir and sends him to the Wall to join the Night’s Watch, an order sworn to protect the kingdom from the dangers beyond the Wall, whose members swear to never marry and to renounce their titles. It is there that Sam meets Jon Snow who takes him under his wing, protecting him from the other recruits who make fun of his looks and his cowardice, which he himself readily admits. However, Sam will prove to be braver than he thought, when on a mission beyond the wall, he helps the pretty Gilly to run away to save her baby that her father would have sacrificed to the mysterious “Others”. It is also on this occasion that he discovers a material that can kill them. Later on, Samuel will become even more important in the story.


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