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Santa Jack Skellington (L’Etrange No?l De Monsieur Jack)

A nice effort

So Funko has portrayed Jack as Santa for this figure. He wears a red suit with white fur trim over his skinny skeleton body. He also wears black boots and white gloves that hide his skeleton hands. But it’s hard to hide his face. It’s a skeleton’s face but with a big smile that shows his white teeth. He also wears a fake white beard and a Santa hat to complete his style. He is holding a small green gift with red ribbon in his arm that he will probably hand out to children.

A funny Santa

Jack Skellington is the hero of the famous cartoon Mr. Jack’s Strange Christmas. He is a living skeleton and the star of Halloween town. Everyone is counting on him for the Halloween party but this year he’s not feeling well, so he goes for a walk in the woods to try to take his mind off things. He stumbles upon Christmas town where everyone seems happy. When he tells the others about this, Oogie-Boogie the terrible boogieman decides to have Santa kidnapped to figure out what he is doing. Jack, feeling guilty, will then assume Santa’s identity and make toys to distribute to children. But of course, toys from a living skeleton might not be to the liking of all the children.


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