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Ser Brienne Of Tarth (Game Of Thrones)

Deserved status

Brienne is shown here as we see her at the end of the last episode of the series when she is finally appointed to the King’s Guard. She is wearing the characteristic golden armor with a breastplate, shoulder pads and a tunic of golden plates. She also wears black boots and the Valyrian sword given by Jamie. At the head level, we find her short blond hair plated in the back.


A real knight

Brienne Of Tarth is an important character in the Game Of Thrones series, becoming more and more important during the series. She is in the service of Renly Baratheon when we meet her. When he is murdered by his brother Stannis, she goes to the service of Catelyn Stark while swearing to avenge Renly’s death. Later, Catelyn will entrust her with the mission of bringing her prisoner Jamie Lannister back home safe and sound in the hope of exchanging him for her daughters. Unfortunately, the latter have both left King’s Landing when she arrives with Jamie, but she has developed a relationship of friendship and respect with him along the way. Afterwards, she will do everything she can to protect the Stark girls until it all leads her and Jamie back to Winterfell to fight the Night King. Finally, she is appointed to King Bran’s Guard and finally gets the respect as a knight that she always wanted.


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