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Silver Age All Might (My Hero Academia)

A heroic pose

All Might is represented here with a typical heroic posture as seen in the comics. He is standing on a transparent plastic base as if he was about to fly away. He wears a tight red, yellow and blue costume with yellow boots, a belt and a large red and blue cape floating in the wind. On the head, we find his wide white smile and his yellow hair forming a kind of M on the front of the head.


The most classic superhero

All Might is one of the most important characters of the manga and the anime series My Hero Academia. In this world where almost everyone is born with alter giving them specific abilities, there are many schools training these characters to become superheroes. All Might is one of the most famous of them, one of the most powerful but also the most respected for its ethics. He is the clich? of the American superhero with his smile, his blond hair and his muscular body. But his real body is rather thin and sick and his days are numbered. That’s why he started teaching at Yuei High School. In order to find a worthy successor for his alter. What he found in the person of Izuku.


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