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Smaug chase (The Hobbit)

Terrifying eyes

Smaug being a remarkably large dragon, it was only logical that he should be represented as a super-sized figure of 15 cm. He is represented sitting on his four clawed legs, his wings folded on the sides and the details of his red and beige scales are very nicely reproduced. On the head, the many details of scales and various growths and horns are very well represented and make this figurine particularly successful. What makes this chase figure different from the original is the eyes. Instead of being completely black like the classic pop figures, they are yellow here with a black line in the middle which gives her a particularly reptilian look.


A great enemy

Smaug is the great enemy of the dwarves in the book The Hobbit by J.R.R. Tolkien and the movies that are adapted from it. Many years ago the dwarf king Thrain had settled with his people in the lonely mountain, building a forge and beginning to amass wealth. But when he found the Arkenstone, the ultimate treasure, he became obsessed with wealth and began to accumulate too much. The smell of all that gold awakened the great dragon Smaug and lured him away. Smaug destroyed the city and everything in his path, forcing the inhabitants to flee to the mountain, to his treasure where he slept for many years. Much later, his grandson Thorin wanted to take back his throne and so he took a company of thirteen dwarves, Gandalf the wizard and, a little against his will, the hobbit Bilbo as a thief to infiltrate the mountain and steal the Arkenstone from under Smaug’s nose.


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