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Sombra Glitch (Overwatch)

One of her many appearances

For this exclusive figure, Funko has represented Sombra with her Glitch skin in shades of green and silver instead of the usual purple. Her jacket. with one button is silver and underneath, she wears a bright green tunic, almost fluorescent with her funny matching boots. In one hand, she holds her powerful gun and the other is raised and the small pink elements at the end of her fingers show that she is using her hacking skills. On the head, we find her dark brown skin (Sombra is of Mexican origin) as well as her hair shaved on one side and voluminous on the other, green at the root and white at the tips.


A hacking pro

Sombra is one of the very popular playable heroines of the online video game Overwatch. In the cutthroat world of Overwatch, Sombra was an orphan who managed to survive thanks to her computer skills and hacking in particular. She made a name for herself in the industry until she stumbled upon a conspiracy involving some of the world’s most important leaders and people. Fearing for her life, she chose to disappear and later reappear under the alias of Sombra. In the game, her talents allow her to be particularly stealthy.


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