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Sombra Los Muertos (Overwatch)

A colorful skin

Sombra is shown here with her Los Muertos skin, corresponding to the look she had when she was part of the gang. She is wearing short pants with a kind of integrated skirt and a top revealing her belly, all black with purple elements. She also wears small low top sneakers. At the level of the head, a green tattoo covers a part of its face and we find on the other hand this cut style mohawk characteristic of the character in a gradient of pinks. We also find fluorescent green tattoos on her legs and her stomach. Finally, she holds in her hand a black and purple gun.


The Invisible Hacker

Sombra is one of the playable characters from Blizzard’s famous video game, Overwatch. She is a young woman who grew up on the streets of Dorado, Mexico. She managed to survive and earn a living thanks to her hacking skills. She even joined the Mexican gang Los Muertos for a while. But as time went on, she started to attack more and more important targets until she discovered a global network. Fearing for her life, she decided to disappear completely. She reappeared a few years later under the alias of Sombra, still determined to hack the most powerful. Her exploits brought her to the attention of The Claw, who asked her to join their ranks to launch cyber-attacks on all corporations close to the government, in order to help the revolution that was taking place at that time.


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