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Sombra translucide (Overwatch)

The Transparent Woman

For this Hot Topic store exclusive release, Sombra is shown in a partially translucent version when she uses her talents to become stealthy. Her face has turned purple, as has her hair, and we recognize the punk look that is so unique to the character. Although her whole lower body is made of a transparent purple plastic, all the details of her outfit and the gun in her hand are still there. Her other hand is held forward and we can see that she is manipulating computer data with her special device.


A stealth character

Sombra is one of the playable characters in Blizzard’s popular video game, Overwatch. Sombra grew up on the streets and always managed to get by with her talent for hacking. She even ended up making it her specialty until she discovered a global conspiracy involving multiple governments. Fearing for her life, she decided to completely erase all traces of her life and disappear. Today, she uses her talents during combat to take control of her opponents’ weapons or to virtually disappear.


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