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Sora Christmas Town (Kingdom Hearts)

Dark Christmas

For this exclusive figurine, Funko has represented Sora with the outfit he wears in the city of Christmas. It’s a kind of Santa outfit, but this one is black and white instead of red and white. He is wearing the typical baggy pants and big shoes, as well as a tunic with white fur trim, and gloves. On his head, he wears a matching black cap and his eyes are rimmed with black makeup.


In the city of Christmas

Sora is the hero of the Kingdom Hearts video games. He is an original character from Square Enix studios, who must save his island and fight the famous Heartless. To do this, he will meet many characters from the Disney world and visit their different universes. In the second opus, he will meet the characters from the world of Mr. Jack’s Strange Christmas, Jack Skellington, Sally and others, visit the city of Halloween but also visit the city of Christmas.


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