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Sora Monster’s Inc (Kingdom Hearts)

A monstrous Sora

Funko represented him with the very different appearance he has in this universe. He still wears that little black jacket that makes him recognizable but otherwise his body is gray and covered with striped fur and he has big black claws on all four legs. In his hand, he holds a modified keyblade ending with a construction helmet in the colors of Monsters and Co. Finally, his hair is red instead of the usual brown.


On the way to new adventures

Sora is the young hero of the superb video games Kingdom Hearts from Square Enix studios. These games mix an original world where the hero has to fight the terrifying Heartless in order to protect his country with different worlds from the Disney universe. In the third opus, Sora can count on his lifelong friends, Donald and Goofy, to go on an adventure, and together they will discover brand new universes like Pirates of the Caribbean or Monsters and Co.


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