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Super Saiyan Gohan (Dragon Ball Z)

A warrior though

Gohan is shown here as a super Saiyan, when he uses one of his super warrior powers during the fight. He wears a tight black jumpsuit with a green tunic with short sleeves that is closed with a black belt. He also wears wide white boots and white gloves. At the level of the head, we find his usually black hair which became yellow here and his eyes became turquoise.


The worthy son of his father

Gohan is the son of Goku, the hero of the manga and the anime Dragon Ball Z. We meet Gohan in the second part of the manga and the anime when he has become an adult and is married with his childhood friend Chi-chi. It is also in this second part that we discover that Goku is in fact an alien from a planet of ultra-powerful warriors. As a child, Gohan was rather shy and intellectual. He was only interested in fighting when it came to protecting those he loved. Despite this, he still became an ultra-powerful fighter, being the first to master the super saiyan 2 technique, and enjoys the adventure of fighting alongside his father. But when he’s not fighting, Gohan is still an academic, which was his dream since childhood.


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