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Surtur (Thor Ragnarok)

An impressive demon

Funko decided to make this fire demon, which is reminiscent of the Balrog from The Lord of the Rings with a more comic side, exclusive to Gamestop stores. His body is represented entirely in transparent orange-yellow plastic as if he was made entirely of fire. His more or less human skeleton is drawn on his body and only his skull seems really solid. He is shown here with his fire sword in his hand and the famous crown of horns on top of his head as he prepares to actually cause Ragnarok.


The one who brings Ragnarok

Surtur is an important character of the movie Thor Ragnarok from Marvel Studios. At the beginning of the movie, we find Thor imprisoned by Surtur, a mythological demon who would have the power to bring Ragnarok, the end of the world on the planet Asgard. To do this, Thor must steal the crown without which he has no power. He succeeds and returns to Asgard to keep it safe and discover that Loki has taken Odin’s place. Mad with anger, he takes Loki to help him find Odin who is on Earth. But as soon as they find him, he tells them that he is about to die. And when this happens, Hela, their sister who Odin had locked up because she had become too dangerous, is freed and determined to take revenge by destroying Asgard. During the final battle between Thor and Hela on Asgard, he realizes that he will never be able to defeat her and therefore decides to give his crown back to Surtur so that he can effectively destroy Asgard and Hela with it. In the end, Thor takes his people on a big ship and heads for Earth.


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