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Valkyrie Battle Outfit (Thor Ragnarok)

Thor before his haircut

For this SDCC 2018 exclusive figure, Funko depicted Valkyrie in her white battle suit, an interpretation of the outfit of these characters from the Norse legends. It’s a skintight jumpsuit with several gold elements along the legs and arms. She also wears a blue cape and holds a dagger in each hand. Finally, we find the brown skin of her face and her long black hair slightly curled.


A disillusioned heroine

Valkyrie is one of the important characters of the movie Thor Ragnarok. In this movie, Thor realizes at the beginning of the story that Loki has taken on the appearance of Odin to take over Asgard. He takes him with him and together they go to find Odin that Loki has hidden on Earth. But they have not yet had time to return to Earth that Odin, already very weakened before, ends up dying. This frees Hela, Thor’s hidden sister, who is very angry to have been locked up for centuries. Thor soon realizes that he is no match for her and escapes through the Bifrost but it sends him to a planet far from Asgard. Meanwhile, Hela takes control of Asgard without difficulty. When Thor awakens, he is taken prisoner by Valkyrie, a warrior once in the service of Asgard who became a mercenary when her services were no longer needed. Not recognizing Thor, she takes him to sell him as a gladiator. Thor eventually escapes and still manages to convince Valkyrie to help him try to regain control of Asgard with the help of the Hulk who has also become a gladiator and has been stuck in that form for several years.


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