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Sylvie (Loki)

A fierce Loki

Sylvie is shown here with her short sword in one hand and the other fist clenched, ready to fight. She is shown wearing a black outfit consisting of black pants and a black bustier with big boots. She is also wearing a long black coat with a green interior. At the head level, we find her blond hair cut to the square as well as her crown which one of the two horns is broken.


Another Loki

Sylvie is one of the main characters in the Loki series. At the beginning of the series, Loki manages to steal the tesseract when the Avengers go back in time after the battle of New York and teleports elsewhere. But he is immediately stopped by a secret time-regulating agency. By doing what he did, Loki created a new timeline and he must be executed. But an agent speaks up for him because he is looking for another variant” of Loki who is causing chaos and thinks that Loki could help him. That variant is Sylvie, a female version of Loki who was arrested by the TVA as a child and managed to escape. She has spent her life on the run and is determined to destroy the TVA. When Loki finds her, he decides to follow her to learn more about her and they end up in one of the apocalypses where she is hiding. They have to team up to escape but in the meantime, the two variants will get closer and Loki will end up being won over to her cause.


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