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Teacher Rick (Rick and Morty)

A real Snape

Inspired by Professor Snape, this version of Rick wears a long black robe that looks very much like a wizard’s. Underneath, we can see that he wears gray pants, a brown sweater and a blue bow tie. At the head, his gray/blue hair is longer and looks very similar to Snape’s. His arms are crossed and he has an angry expression and a ruler in his right hand.


A special teacher

Teacher Rick, also known as Snape Rick, is one of the many versions of Rick that Rick and Morty, the heroes of the adult animated series of the same name, encounter during their interdimensional adventures. This version of Rick is the only teacher at a Morty academy that does not have a Rick. The only thing he teaches them is to be a loyal and faithful companion to non-Morty Rick, having no opinion other than to agree with Rick. Like Professor Snape from Harry Potter, which the character is based on, he is particularly unpleasant and never smiles. He also calls his students by physical traits: fat Morty, Morty with glasses, etc…


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