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teenage Groot (Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol. 2)

An adorable anger

For this Amazon exclusive figure, Groot is represented in his child form and crossing his arms on his chest with a grumpy look. On his humanoid tree body, we can see the bark pattern nicely represented with some leaves here and there. The fun part of this figure is the cluster of branches on top of his head that falls over his forehead to give the impression of a lock of hair in emo fashion that makes him look a bit like a grumpy teenager.


Groot is angry

Groot is one of the main characters of the Guardians Of The Galaxy license and a fan favorite. Having joined Peter Quill’s group with his lifelong sidekick Rocket Racoon to save the galaxy, he sacrifices himself at the end of the first movie to save his new friends. Fortunately, Groot being a kind of anthropomorphic tree, there are some branches left of him that Rocket replants in a pot, which gives birth to a new baby Groot. In the second one, he is still a child but still follows the group in its missions. When their ship is attacked, they are helped by Ego, a man claiming to be Peter Quill’s father, and he, Gamora and Drax follow him to his planet while Rocket and Groot repair the ship. It is then that they are kidnapped by Yondu’s team who organizes a mutiny soon after, making him a prisoner with Rocket and Groot.


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