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Thanos (Marvel)

Thanos on his throne

On the occasion of the 10th anniversary of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Funko created this figurine of Thanos on his famous throne in space. We only see him once on this one in the movies and it is in the first opus of Guardians of the Galaxy. His throne whose base is pointed is put on a transparent plastic base to give the impression that it floats like in the film. This one is made of grey stone propelled by some kind of blue flames. The armrests also seem to float supported by these blue flames. Finally, Thanos himself is purple with this particular shape and he wears his blue suit with many golden armor elements on his legs, arms, torso and pectoral. Finally, he also wears a matching blue helmet with golden elements.


The culmination of ten years of Marvel movies

Thanos is the ultimate villain of the Avengers movies and of the Marvel cinematic universe in general. Indeed, after ten years of Marvel movies adapted from the comics, all the characters will meet again in the Avengers Infinity War 1 and 2 movies to fight Thanos whose arrival had been anticipated and prepared since the beginning. Indeed, Thanos’ goal is to gather the six infinity stones that will give him enough power to simply erase the existence of half of the inhabitants of the galaxy. Throughout the previous films, we have come across each of the stones he is looking for. One of the stones was in Loki’s sceptre, one was found by Thor and deposited with the collector” for safekeeping, one was the source of Vision’s creation, one is kept by Doctor Strange and one was found by Star Lord and kept safe elsewhere. So that’s why all these heroes have to fight together.


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