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Thanos (Les Gardiens De La Galaxie)

The purple giant

Being a race of titans, Thanos is much larger than a human and it is therefore logical that he is represented in a super-sized figure. Of course, he also has purple skin. On the body, he wears a very brightly colored armor in gold and blue, whose details are very nicely represented. As for the head, he wears a helmet that matches his outfit and whose patterns are still very nicely reproduced. In addition to the usual big black eyes of the pop figures, Thanos also has a big smile revealing his teeth. Finally, we can also see the particular shape of his jaw.


The supreme villain

Thanos is an important character of the movie Guardians Of The Galaxy from Marvel studios. Thanos is also of course a very famous villain of the comics and one of the most powerful. In this movie, several characters that everything opposed find themselves teaming up to save the galaxy from Ronan, determined to destroy an entire planet and much more with the help of a powerful and mysterious orb. This orb was initially found by Star Lord, a pest determined to sell it for a good price. But this was without counting on Gamora, sent by Thanos to get it back and Rocket and Groot, determined to capture him for the price that was put on his head. Eventually, they all end up in prison, and with the help of Drax, they manage to escape and decide to share the price of the orb. But when it falls into Ronan’s hands, they try everything to get it back and save the world. If the character of Thanos is not very present in the movie, we know that his ultimate goal is to recover the orb which is one of the five infinity stones that, together, would give him a power beyond imagination.


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