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Thanos snap (Marvel)

Arrived at his goal

Thanos is thus represented here snapping his fingers to finally reach his goal. He is wearing his usual blue outfit from the comics, composed of a tunic and pants with golden boots and gloves. On the head, we find his purple skin with the strange shape of his chin, his wide smile and the blue and golden helmet on his head. Finally, he is standing on a pile of quite old human skulls on a base representing earth.


The ultimate villain

Thanos is one of the greatest and most powerful villains of the Marvel Universe who required all the Avengers and superheroes of the Marvel Universe to unite in order to counter him. He hails from the planet Titan and after seeing his people die due to overpopulation, Thanos has since pursued a simple goal. To save the galaxy”, he wants to kill half of its population. So for years, he has invaded worlds, leaving only after randomly killing half of its population. But his ultimate goal is to gather the six infinity stones on a gauntlet so that he can simply make it disappear with a simple snap of his fingers, the famous “snap”.


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