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The Joker as Jack Frost (DC Comics)

A good explanation for Santa

For this new series of festive figures for DC Comics heroes, Funko has represented the Joker as Jack Frost. He wears a classic Joker outfit but all in shades of blue and white. He wears retro pants with a large bow tie and a long striped jacket. In one hand, he holds his top hat and in the other an ice cube. At the head level, we find his hair styled in spikes and this bit of retro hair on the front and he is of course wearing a big smile.


A funny duo

The Joker is one of the most famous villains of the DC Comics universe. He is a rather mysterious character whose origin is unknown in most versions. He is a criminal who seems to do what he does only for the pleasure of causing chaos. He is very unstable psychologically and psychopathic, which earned him a stay in the Gotham City mental hospital. He has two scars on either side of his mouth that extend his smile into an ominous sneer and uses the imagery of the Joker character from card games. Jack Frost is a character from Anglo-Saxon folklore representing winter. He would be a sort of elf or goblin with a childlike personality who would be responsible for the frost and runny nose. He could also control or create the ice and use it in a more dangerous way if he is upset.


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