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The Joker as Santa (DC Comics)

A Funny Santa

This figure is part of the DC Christmas themed figure series. He is still wearing his costume of purple pants and an orange sleeveless vest. But in addition he wears a kind of red coat with a white fur trim and a big green bow around his neck. In one hand, he is holding a purple and green bag that is Santa’s sack and in the other a bomb about to explode with a red bow around it. Finally, on the head, we find his white skin, his big smile and his green hair partly hidden by his red Santa Claus hat.


A great prankster

The Joker is one of Batman’s most famous enemies in the DC Comics universe. In most versions, we don’t know the Joker’s real name and he likes to play on the mystery of his origins. In all versions, however, he is a very psychologically unstable criminal, even a psychopath, which led him to be locked up in Gotham City’s asylum on several occasions. It seems that he has no other motivation for his crimes than simple pleasure and amusement. He adopted the Joker character from the playing cards for his tendency to add a comedic” element to his crimes. He has two large scars that extend his mouth into a disturbing sneer as well as a white face and green hair. In some versions, this is explained by the fact that he fell into a vat of acid, which would also have played on his mental health.


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